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About us

SMARDCAD, an education & training division of TecSo Projects Limited, has been in existence in the market since 2005 and has been the pioneer in applying the CAD/CAM/CAE for the various industries.

We have designed our training programs to complement learning in fields and benefit the learner in various aspects, including theoretical, technical and practical skills.

We cater to all the requirements of high and medium-range courses in CAD/CAM, product design, engineering analysis and software development.

We have trained over 3100+ students and professionals in CAD/CAM/CAE software through industry exposure and practical training with a world-class course curriculum.

Why Choose Us ?
  • SmardCAD Faculties organise teaching and research into individual subjects.
  • The SmardCAD is rich in history - its famous buildings attract visitors.
  • Job Oriented Training Program.
  • Project Based Training
  • Providing All Training Materials
  • Expert & Professional Trainer
  • Weekend batches Available
  • Flexible Timing

OUR Facultys

The professional standards and expectations

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